Teacher Relicensure

How to renew with EdVisions Cooperative CEU Committee Committee approved Sept 2019

The EdVisions Cooperative CEU Committee renews professional teaching licenses and related educational licenses all of which follow these requirements. There are exceptions for National Certification for Speech Language Pathologist and School Psychologist, read here to see if you qualify.

  1. Collect all CEUs from past 5 years
  2. Chose to renew with 30 hours in licensure area or 15 hours in licensure area plus 15 hours in TPP and PBL training
  3. You should have a total of 125 CEU hours:  125 total hours including:
    • 30 hours of CEUs specific to each licensure area (s) or a combination of 15 hours licensure area and 15 hours of PBL/TPP work.
    • 2 hours in Further reading preparation
    • 2 hour in Accommodation, modification, adaptation
    • 2 hours Positive behavior intervention strategies
    • 2 hours Key warning signs of early-onset mental illness in children and adolescents, including a minimum of one hour of suicide prevention
    • Cultural Competency, or Summative Evaluation (estimate 6-8 hours to complete all areas)
      • Training must include the following elements in a format fostering self-reflection and discussion where the focus is on deepening the teacher’s own frames of reference, potential bias in these frames, and the impact of these frames on students, students’ families, and the school communities:
        • Racial, cultural, and socioeconomic groups;
        • American Indian and Alaskan native students;
        • Religious diversity;
        • Gender identity, including transgender students;
        • Sexual orientation;
        • Language diversity;
        • Individuals with disabilities and mental health concerns; and
        • Systemic racism.
    • 2 hours in English Language Learners, or Summative Evaluation
  4. Fill out and attach “Clock Hours” form to each certificate of CEU or transcript from college or university. The second page of the form gives categories for CEU’s, please check which one you are using for this certificate. If the certificate’s title does not detail what the CEU was earned for, make sure to include detailed information or agenda for the conference, seminar etc.
    College credit conversion: 1 semester credit= 24 CEU hours and 1 quarter credit= 16 CEU hours

  5. Compile all hours on “Master Record Form”
  6. Print a copy of your license from the MDE website
  7. A copy of your summative Evaluation (or Certification of Summative Evaluation) in lieu of Cultural Competency and/or ELL CEUs
  8. Submit the checklist
  9. Send all certificates, clock hour forms, master record form and application ELECTRONICALLY to:
    Gigi Dobosenski

    • Do this at least one week prior to scheduled meeting.
      • March Meeting: March 12, 2021
      • May Meeting: May 7, 2021
    • If you are not a member of EdVisions Cooperative, also submit $100 for processing.
  10. Once the committee has reviewed your hours, you will receive an email regarding your CEU hour acceptance status. Either:
    • Hours are all approved and entered in the state database, at which time you log onto the Minnesota Department of Education, Renew a Licence page fill out your information (you will need a Google account and payment information). The state should process your new license in 48 hours, or
    • Some of your hours need to be verified with further evidence of CEUs, as specified in email, then after verification and approval proceed to the website as in step a, or
    • You did not have enough CEUs, at which time an email will be sent request proof of further hours.