Career Opportunities

.5 FTE Special Education Advisor and .5 FTE Special Education Paraprofessional

Position Description:

A 0.5 FTE special education advisor at EOC manages a caseload of 7-10 special education students, designing and implementing a program to help each student to successfully complete requirements for graduation and prepare for life outside of school. The special education advisor meets daily with special needs students online, instructs a daily special education level math class, and consults with regular education advisors to best serve each student. The special education advisor coordinates evaluations for all special education students, completes all necessary paperwork, and plans and conducts all special education meetings as required by federal law. The special education advisor participates in the school team to design interventions, assess students, and place students in appropriate programs. In addition, this advisor completes training and tasks as necessary for state department monitoring and participates in all staff meetings and site based management team meetings in the school.

This 0.5 licensed position may be combined with a 0.5 FTE Special Education Paraprofessional Position.  The special education paraprofessional works under the supervision of the special education advisor to help special education students meet their learning needs.  The special education paraprofessional meets with students online to help them design projects, locate resources, and read and understand those resources. As part of the special education team, a special education paraprofessional communicates well with students and staff about student needs, assists with required paperwork, and self-directs as needed.


  • Minnesota Secondary Licensure in Special Education and
  • BS/BA in Special Education or Related Field from accredited college or university

Institution Description:

EdVisions Off Campus is an online project based learning school.  Students and staff work from home with monthly gatherings. Visit for more information.

Application instruction:

Please email a cover letter and resume to Gigi Dobosenski at

Closing date:

May 23, 2019


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